Solo Exhibition
Marquee / Berlin
September 2012


Bury me to the Sky
Styropor, greco-roman figurines, silikon, interference color, rose quartz, 2012

Flowers, silikon, glitter, spraypaint, sheer curtain, 2012

Cosmic Sepulcher
Various found relics and Talismans, jar of artist’s urine and glitter, styropor, 2012

Puck Luminescence
Found chandelier fixture, silikon, glitter, 2012

Swimming flipper, wire, melted plastic, 2011

Aurora Urlaub
(Darkness, and the Sun between You and I
Recycled wooden triangle, thermal rescue blanket, syropor, rose
quartz, light, 2012

Spirit Symbolics
Copper Sulphate crystals, found and melted styropor, silver leaf, 2011

Instrument for the Beautiful Disaster
Found object, fishing wire, spray paint, 2011

The Origin of the Universe, (according to Courbet)
Melted plastic, spay paint, 2011

Plurineiumbis Ostsee Cyanopica Cyana
Peculiar found sea creature from the banks of the Ostsee, glass vitrine, styropor, 2012

My little Twilight, Sparkle, and Spike
Plastic felt horse, house paint, styropor, glitter, 2012

In other Worlds…….
Found object, Silikon, Spay paint Interference color, 2012

Interference Ruins
Found broken clay sculpture, LED light, interference color, plastic Diamond, 2012

skekZok the Ritual-Master and the Staff of Aughra
Found tubing and wire, melted plastic bag, melted thermal emergency blanket, spray paint, broomstick, metal cutlery, melted plastic, straws, crystals, 2011

The eye is the Amulet of the storm
Found object, gem, Led light, Styropor, 2012

I can feel it coming in the air tonight
Melted video taPe, neon tubes, melted plastic, spray
paint, interference color,  2011

Found metal object, melted plastic, straws, spray tips, tile, silver leaf, sunglasses, glass bluebird, 2011

the mystery that was the beginning and end of that
 incomprehensible artefact
Found relics, melted plastic, interference paint, styrofoam, 2012

Trophy for the Dispossessed
Polymonotype Acrylic Silkscreen on Mylar, solid paint marker,
ballpoint pen. 76cm X 107cm, 2010

Altra Raptura 
Oil, acrylic, wax medium, spray paint, graffiti marker, permanent
marker, on canvas, 138cm x 183cm, 2012