Sadie Weis

Lives and works in Berlin, DE

Solo Exhibitions

2018 ‘Nanomaterials /// PLASMATIC’ / Paul Drude Institut für Festkörperelektronik, Erwin Schrödinger Zentrum, Motorenprüfstand / Berlin
2017 ‘Capsule Archetype’, ResidenceSEA / Heraklion, Crete, Greece
2014 ‘Interchromatic Disaster Palace’, The Ballery / Berlin
2012 ‘Interference Ad Astra’, Marquee / Berlin
2012 ‘…/// to the Magnetic Abyss’, The FabLAb / Berlin
2011 ‘auralswordsilverfuture’, Dada Post / Berlin
2010 ‘Holy Blitz, Data, and Dust’/ Heist Gallery / New York, NY

Group Exhibitions

2019 ‘PLASMATIC’ presented at “Zukunftmusik & Kunst” at TOA festival / Berlin
2018 ‘Trophy Hunters’, Dada Post / Berlin
2018 Art Science Exhibits, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Campus Nord Branch Library / Berlin
2017 ‘White Love’,  The Ballery / Berlin
2017 ‘Transitions Ep.4: Beyond the pale’ , Dada Post / Berlin
2017 ‘Magic + Love = Art’, Magic Beans Gallery / Berlin
2017 ‘Capsule Archetyp’, ResidenseSEA / Heraklio, Crete, Greece
2017 ‘The Best Bogus Botanical Garden’, Helium Cowboy / Hamburg
2016 ‘Custom Paradise’, SomoS Gallery / Berlin
2016 ‘Excess’, Altes Finanzamt / Berlin
2016 Arteles Open Studios, Neo Future Residency Program, Arteles Creative Center / Haukijärvi, Finland
2016 ‘Skin’, The Ballery, The Ballery / Berlin
2015 ‘Chased Exhibition’, Fata Morgana Galerie / Berlin
2015 ‘Chemcraft’ CM Projects / London, UK
2015 ‘Around the World in 30 Days’, The Ballery / Berlin
2015 ‘WANDERLUST’, Lacey Contemporary Gallery / London, UK
2014 ‘International Queer Business’, Room of Requirement / Berlin
2014 ‘Pop-Up Art Gallery pops to San Sebastian’, NoColor Estudio / San Sebastian, Spain
2013 ‘Pop-Up Art Gallery goes Copenhagen’, Dencker & Schneider Gallery / Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Pop-Up Gallery Berlin / Berlin
2013 ‘Reality Swap: The alternative Status Quo’, Art Connect Berlin / Berlin
2013 ‘The Forest of the Future’, Collective Installation / New York, NY
2013 ‘KKB Art Exhibition’, Kunst Kaserne Berlin / Berlin
2012 ‘Multiplicity 2’, 129 Gallery / Berlin
2012 ‘I’ve Never Met Anyone Like You Before’, 129 Gallery / Berlin
2012 ‘Tape Modern, no 25’, Tape / Berlin
2011 ‘Kunst vs. Gentrifikation’, Marzia Frozen / Berlin
2011 ‘After the Death of Painting’, Dada Post / Berlin
2011 ‘Wunderland II’, MICA MOCA / Berlin
2011 Preview Berlin Art Fair, (featured Artist) loop-raum for aktuelle Kunst / Berlin
2011 ‘Multiplictiy’, 129 Gallery / Berlin
2011 ‘Fume Emits’, loop – raum für aktuelle kunst / Berlin
2011 ‘DUAL’, Pool Art Fair / New York, NY
2010 SCOPEArtFair, Dada Post Gallery/ Miami, FL
2010 ‘Dirty Light’, Forgotten Bar Project/ Berlin, Germany
2010 ‘Windows of Perception’, CultureFix Gallery/ New York, NY
2010 ‘Youth Cult’, Dada Post Gallery/ Berlin, Germany
2010 ‘out of the chaos and darkness….’, Lower East Side Print Shop/ New York, NY
2010 PooL Art Fair, Exhibitor / New York, NY
2009 ‘Collab’, Butterfly/ New York, NY
2008 ‘Neon Mountains’, SCOPEArtFair, Special Artist Project Installation/ London, UK
2007 IFAC, Pool Art Fair/ Miami, FL
2007 ‘Edge Zones’, Zones Art Fair/ Miami, FL
2007 ‘The Seed Project’, RARE/ New York, NY
2007 ‘Urban Nomad’, SCOPEArtFair, Special Artist Project Installation/ Basel, Switzerland
2007 ‘A Power Exceeded Only by the Sun’, Performance collaboration with artist Lilah Freeland, Open Studios, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council/ New York, NY
2007 ‘Street Art’, Exhibited various pieces of art in downtown urban areas/ New York, NY
2007 ‘AAArtStars’, Le Jungle Gallery/ New York, NY
2007 ‘Le Jungle’, Le Jungle Gallery/ New York, NY
2007 ‘Premiere’, Jackie Warren Gallery/ Kansas City, MO
2006 ‘BWPP Show’, The Greenhouse/ New York, NY
2006 ‘Future Perfect’, SCOPEArtFair/ East Hampton, NY
2006 ‘City Glam’, The Greenhouse / New York, NY
2006 ‘Drunken, Voluptuous Gospel Music with Teeth’, Olive Gallery/ Lawrence, KS
2005 ‘The New Scene’, Diamonds and Oranges/ New York
2005 ‘Metamorphosis’, Cherry Street Gallery/ Kansas City, MO
2005 ‘Scholarship Exhibition’, University of Kansas/ Lawrence, KS
2005 ‘Solo’, Henry’s/ Lawrence, KS
2004 Nunemaker Center Collection /Lawrence, KS
2004 ‘Scholarship Exhibition’, University of Kansas / Lawrence, KS

Collaborative Projects

2017/ 2018 Crystal Artist, ‘If you ask me what I want, I’ll tell you. I want everything’, Performance by Liz Rosenfeld, Sophiensäle / Berlin
2015 Set Artist, Talking Straight Festival, Berliner Festspiele / Berlin
2013 Set Artist, ‘Siberia, music video by Fiordmoss


2005 B.F.A. Painting, University of Kansas
2005 B.S. Strategic Communications, University of Kansas
2005 Minor Art History, University of Kansas


2018 Paul Drude Institut für Festkörperelektronik / Berlin
April/May 2017 ResidenceSEA / Crete, Greece
April 2016 ‘Neo Future’ Residency, Arteles Creative Center / Haukijärvi, Finland
2013  The Forest of the Future / New York, NY
2009-2010 Dada Post/ Berlin, Germany

Grants & Awards

2018 Paul Drude Institut, Science and Art Exchange Grant
2007 SCOPEArtFair, Emerging Artist Grant
2004 Beatrice L. Bonine Painting Scholarship
2004 Norma Burrows School Scholarship