Solo Exhibition
Dada Post / Berlin
May/June 2011

Wood, neon lights, melted plastic garbage bags, melted plastic
shopping bags, packaging material, sheetrock, plastic straws, plastic
cups, candles, dish scrubbers, feathers, found tubing and machine
parts, freezer packs, metal wire, speaker cable, bike locks, poetry,
candles, photographs, various found objects, spray paint, sneakers,
burning bush, 2011. 396cm X 245cm X 260cm

A Glamorous Depiction of a Glorious Disaster
Polymonotype Acrylic Silkscreen on Mylar, solid paint marker,
 ballpoint pen, 76cm X 107cm, 2010.

Burn my Heart With a Glittering Torch and Set Me Free
Polymonotype Acrylic Silkscreen on Mylar, ballpoint pen, 61cm X 91cm, 2011.